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Knee Pain when Bending

Knee PainIn doing activities, sometimes occur knee pain when bending. Often we take it lightly since the pain occurs in the middle of our movement.

Or, when it happen, we stop for a while until the pain disappear and then continuing our activities without further healing.

Actually this kind of ignorance can cause to further health problem. Any knee pain with bending problems must have treatment; otherwise it can lead to more painful sense when the knee bends again next time.

Our knee provides movement stability since it carries a hinge joint where its duty is to allow back and forth movement.

Not as simple back and forth movement, knee joint also have to be able to do other movement such as bend, straighten, rotate and twist. With the numerous of activities the knee joint have, causing numbers of injuries, including knee pain when bending.

Exercise to Overcome Knee Pain When Bending

As mentioned before, when the knee pain when bending came on and off, it is time for exercising the muscles, the quad muscles.

Exercising these muscles is important to reduce the weight off the knee load which results in reducing knee pain when bending.

Keep in mind that quad muscles is the biggest muscles in the body, hence it need to be exercises.

Stretching in many ways is a good way to exercise quad muscles. But the exercise didn’t work alongside, it also need companion from hamstring muscles to lift knee problem and strengthening quad muscles.

Beside stretching, mixing exercise also a great way to give the muscles air to breathe.

This mixing exercise obviously has to consultant with your medical therapy to reducing knee pain when bending. But most of mixing therapy includes water treatment such as swimming and other water aerobics.

Not to mention bike riding or using stationary bike is also a good therapy to overcome knee pain when bending.

The cycling move allows the knee twitch many directions in result the quad muscles exercising. Just remember to do this exercise in medical therapist supervision, so you will not harm yourself.

Treatment to Knee Pain When Bending

When this knee pain when bending occurs to specific type of person, it needs to be watch carefully.

Often happen to old people when doing their activities such as gardening. An obese person can have this when they’re doing normal activities.

Do not get this wrong, although this pain occur to several types of person, does not mean e healthy young people cannot have it too.

One bad habit that can lead into knee pain is to pick up something on the floor without bending the knee. This put strain to the back and in the same time neglecting the knee muscles.

When you want to pick up something on the floor, bend your knee a bit, this way your knee muscles exercise without you knowing it.

The movement of knee muscles that seems effortless is the most significant movement to overcome knee bending problems.

Knee Pain Exercises

Inner Healing to Knee Pain When Bending

As mention above, old and obese people usually gain this kind of pain.

Beside a physical exercise, there’s also an inner health problem to be overcome with. To an obese person, medical examiner would suggest to lose weight, since the weight can load the knee excessively. With losing some weight, it will lift the burden off the knee eventually.

Certain food and supplement also can maintain the health of your knee and in the same time help the healing process. Rather than eat red meat, it is suggested to consume fish with high omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmon, halibut, mackerel is perfect choice, since it helps prevent internal inflammation which can cause knee pain when bending.